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About Apollo Security Division

Apollo Security delivers excellent front of house security management for our clients and their organisation. We understand that people deserve to feel relaxed, confident and safe in the building where they either work or live. With our highly experienced officers and attention to detail, we will ensure that front of house and reception areas are maintained and enhanced.

At Apollo Security Division, we maintain the highest standards. In order to achieve this, we never subcontract any of our work, with every job completed by our skilled and capable team. This means that, when you instruct Apollo Security Division, you can rest assured that you will receive our services from direct employees eager to meet and exceed your expectations. To this end, we tailor our services to our client’s needs, ensuring that they feel secure, valued, and, most importantly, part of the team. For example, a feature of the way we do business is that our senior managers take personal responsibility for our clients, their requirements, and the business relationship.

Getting to the peak is now, and always has been, our main goal. Here at Apollo, we only ever aim to exceed our customers’ expectations, providing a complete security solution for every situation. Our security managers are involved at every step of our client’s security project, and lend a helping hand where necessary, even if it means liaising with your other contractors to ensure the project comes in on time and with a minimum amount of inconvenience.

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